Terren-Klingon Empire Hybrid

Here is the finished Side and top views of a Ent Era Klingon-Terran hybrid ship for Josiah Weaver.

Sean P. Tourangeau
Adobe Illustrator CC14



Titan Shipyards is open….

Alright all you U.S.S.Titan fans, here is my Titan Shipyards site. It is about 90% complete so keep coming back and you will see new additions. Please let me know what you think. I really wanted to make the site look like a Trek computer terminal. With that said, welcome to the Titan Shipyards.


Help Win Over Mongoose Publishing

I have been talking to people over at Starfleetgames this last week to see if I might be able to be brought on as a freelance Artist.

While they like my work the upper ups at Mongoose Publishing are not so hot to my work. Please help me and let them know how you feel about my work and you never know we might be able to get them to change their minds.

I know with your help we can get my skills within the Star Trek Universe into their organization and help expand their reach and sales.

Sean P. Tourangeau

Imperial Princess Leia




Here is the Final image for my latest commission for
kclcmdr of a Imperial Raised Princess Leia Skywalker

He wanted her to be dressed as a Tie Fighter Pilot.
I decided to give her a little backstory see below.

Name: Princess Leia Padme Skywalker
Call Sign: Ice Princess
Assigned:  501st Wolf Sqaudron
(Emperor Vaders Personal Squadron)
Father: Emperor Vader
Mother: Empress Padmē Amidala Skywalker
Brother: Prince Luke Anikan Skywalker

Princess Leia Skywalker was  raised
in the Imperial Palace with her brother
Prince Luke under the watchful eyes of their
parents Emperor Vader and his
Empress Padmē.  After her parents overthrew
Emperor Palpatine shortly after the close of
the Clone Wars.

Seeing that the Republic which they once
served could never be restored. Decided
to keep the galaxy under Imperial Rule.
While Prince Luke was being raised to be
next Sith Lord under Vader.  Leia was
schooled in all forms of government and
military principles by her mother.  As part
of this schooling she has been serving
in the 501st Wolf Squadron as on of their
top pilots.

Unfortunately as part of her upbringing she
has a reputation of being unapproachable and
cold to anyone not with in the Royal Circle.
Hence she has gained the call sign of
Ice Princess.

Sean P. Tourangeau
Adobe Illustrator CS5